External Networks

The recommended way to allow external network access to a baremetal node is by creating a shared external provider network. The instructions in the link explain how; in addition, this network should be created as --provider-network-type vlan with the appropriate vlan specified by --provider-segment. For example:

openstack network create \
          --provider-network-type vlan \
          --provider-segment <vlan id> \
          --provider-physical-network datacentre \
          --external --share \
openstack subnet create \
          --network external \
          --subnet-range <subnetrange> \
          --ip-version 4 \
          --gateway <gateway ip> \
          --allocation-pool start=<allocation start>,end=<allocation end> \
          --dns-nameserver \
          --dhcp \

Doing so allows ESI users to work with external networks the same way that they do with any other VLAN network. Note that all VLANs on the controller nodes should be configured to access the same NIC.