Lessees with little to no experience with ESI should start with the New User Guide.


ESI accommodates three roles:

  • Admin
    • Views and administrates the entire inventory of nodes.

    • Assigns owners and lessees to nodes.

  • Owner
    • Views and administrates the nodes that they own.

    • Has exclusive use of their nodes, except for those that they choose to lease.

    • Assigns lessees to the nodes that they own.

    • Creates offers for their nodes, making them available for lease.

    • Note: The owner role is optional; every action they do can also be performed by an admin.

  • Lessee
    • Can only view nodes that they have leased.

    • Has temporary use of their nodes for the duration of the lease.

    • Obtains a lease on a node by claiming an available offer.

ESI will typically be used to fulfill one of two broad scenarios:

  • ESI Administrator Owns All Nodes
    • In this scenario, there are no node owners. Instead, the ESI administrator controls access to each and every node. They do so using the mechanisms described in Lessee Node Assignment.

  • Multiple Node Owners Pool Nodes in ESI
    • In this scenario, multiple node owners pool their hardware together in a single ESI instance. The owners can then use their hardware themselves, or use the mechanisms described in Lessee Node Assignment to give others access to their nodes.

General Information